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About Us

We offer help and information to patients and consumers who may be exposed to dangerous drugs and defective medical devices.

About Us

PrescriptionWatch is a resource for patients, caretakers, and consumers. provides the latest breaking news, medical study results, FDA recall announcements and safety communications, and major litigation events regarding the dangerous drugs and defective medical devices currently in the national spotlight. We do this to empower the public with information that might otherwise be limited to industry insiders.

Our mission is to raise awareness among those who might be exposed to these products, arm them with knowledge they need to make the best treatment decisions, and educate them as to how they can protect their legal rights against the multi-billion-dollar pharmaceutical companies who manufacture the items that cause harm.

The articles provide comprehensive details about the companies being made to defend the civil claims against them, which law firms are filing the cases and arguing them in court, the allegations raised, trial verdicts and settlements, and the impact all has on the market and standards of treatment.

Sanders Phillips Grossman, LLC

PrescriptionWatch is sponsored by Sanders Phillips Grossman, LLC, a national law firm specializing in mass tort and consolidated federal litigation against drug makers and manufacturers of medical devices alleged to have harmed patients.

The senior partners have decades of combined experience in such matters, and have held leadership positions in some of the most widely litigated and highly publicized matters in recent years including Avandia, Fosamax, Vioxx, and Transvaginal Mesh, among others.

Sanders Phillips Grossman sponsors PrescriptionWatch to help those with questions about their medications and devices get the help they need.  If callers need legal assistance, the firm is prepared to help evaluate their potential claim. Services provided by PrescriptionWatch are provided free of charge. Consultations with a member of the legal team are also free. Legal evaluation does not establish an attorney-client relationship and there is no obligation to ever become a client of the Sanders Phillips Grossman, LLC.

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PrescriptionWatch maintains a commitment to sharing the latest news about developments in the pharmaceutical industry as well as the legal response to those occurrences. As a result, the site is updated often with important information.

Callers to PrescriptionWatch are in the hands of our friendly team of patient advocates who are well versed in the types of side effects and complications common to a wide variety of drugs and devices. These advocates also keep up with the latest developments in order to maintain clear communication, understanding, and sensitivity in their dealings with callers. Callers should feel comfortable knowing that they are speaking to a professional about these very private and personal matters.

We encourage readers to check back often, as our information is constantly being updated with breaking news and research. Due to the enormous impact of defective medical devices and dangerous drugs, thousands of lawsuits are filed each month in courtrooms all over the country. If there are topics that you would like to know more about, feel free to contact us.  We will be happy to include relevant subjects to our rigorous news schedule.




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Breaking News

PrescriptionWatch breaks news about FDA recalls, medical studies, clinical trials, and other studies related to potentially dangerous drugs and medical devices.

Legal Options

Learn more about the various legal options that are available when you are harmed by a medication or medical device. How long can you wait before filing suit?

Dangerous Drugs

Learn about the drugs currently in mass tort litigation and which others have attracted negative attention by the FDA in recent months.

Defective Devices

Which medical devices gained FDA clearance through a loophole requiring minimal testing? Which devices have been subject to recall?

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Editorial Staff

Sarah Klein

Managing Editor

Sarah is a core member of the PrescriptionWatch development team. Prior to the launch of PrescriptionWatch, she built several websites in the field of mass tort and pharmaceutical litigation. In addition to her ongoing written content contributions, Sarah runs the entire department of writers and editors for PrescriptionWatch.

Ryan Green

Associate Editor

Ryan is a professional writer and editor whose recent focus has been covering the events in mass tort litigation as it pertains to dangerous drugs and medical devices. At PrescriptionWatch, Ryan tracks various legal developments, assigning coverage and reporting to the writing staff. In addition to editing, he is also a frequent copywriter for the site.

Jenn Fusion

Staff Writer

Jenn is longtime professional journalist having written for a variety of news sources and media platforms. Her work has appeared in USA Today, Houston Chronicle, and Channel 4 News. Jenn is proud to join PrescriptionWatch as a writer specializing in raising awareness about dangerous drugs and medical devices.